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Service Manager

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Asurety, a successful and growing company. Despite the Pandemic, we are busy, and we need an experienced, process driven Service Manager to join our team ASAP. Your main responsibility is to Manage, Grow & Develop our service team and ensure the fulfillment runs smoothly & efficiently. We are known in the Multifamily Industry as a company with the highest standards of work and an undisputed reputation for excellence. Our success has been built upon our outstanding reputation in the industry driven by our team of committed and successful individuals dedicated to customer service.


This is a career opportunity for someone who wants long term employment to work in a positive and professional environment. Maintaining, enhancing & building a scalable service team so that we can grow sales confidently knowing that we can fulfill all our promises in an excellent way.

Position Overview:

Mission/Purpose of the Job: The mission of this position is to manage, analyze, and systematize our fulfillment process in a way that will create consistently solid and scalable fulfillment of all our customer promises. These tasks must be produced in such a way that our clients have a “wow experience” so unique that they can’t help but talk about Asurety and are powerfully motivated to refer those in their sphere of influence.

The Service Manager’s focus will be:

1. Retention & Development – Setting & maintaining a pathway for our technicians to grow within their roles.
2. Recruiting & Onboarding – unfolding new talent in the same pathway of the existing technicians.
3. Utilization – Meticulously manage and measure each job to ensure that we are spending the companies’ resources in the most efficient manner.
4. Quality Control – Establish a culture where our service techs provide great work and client experience.

The Ideal Candidate

The candidate we select MUST have proven to be successful at managing 30+ blue collar service-related technicians.
Small business experience. We have found that people who come from a big corporate environment are never really “fit.”
Construction experience is a huge plus.


Increased efficiency: Increase overall efficiency by increasing our billable hours, decreasing shrinkage, refining inventory levels & controls, holding employees accountable to maximize their impact on the business. Projecting future issues and handling them before they become one. This will be done in a systematized way to create predictable results.
Customer satisfaction: Ensure that our operations systems are running on a timely manner without disruptions. Give our customers the "Wow experience" that makes them turn into repeat customers as well as refer their friends and family.
Team: Hire, develop, coach & hold accountable. Develop based on proven need demanded by our sales pillar. Keep the team green and growing.
Systematize the operation pillar of the company: Building the systems and controls to have a stable base with which to scale that is non-reliant on any one member of the company.

Most Important Attributes:

Detail oriented with a high degree of follow through: When something comes up you sink your teeth in and get it done. Don’t let details slip through the cracks.
Accountable: Own the pillar. Treat it as it is your company & your money.
Team Builder: Skilled at identifying talent, recruiting, training, motivating & retaining a solid
production team. Be their leader not their friend!
Straight Shooter: Be able to speak with the management team candidly. Must have courage,
fortitude, and internal strength to speak openly about issues as they arise.
Professionalism: Always project a positive attitude, keep professional relationship with all team
members, & practicing a strict code of morals & ethics.
Responsible Risk Taker: Always consider the impact on the company any time a “risk” presents
itself. Know, understand, and consider the company policies when taking a calculated risk.
Observant: Analyze behavior, strengths & weaknesses, job performance. Always look objectively
at the company to assess how we are perceived in the customers’ eye.
Passionate: Inspiring & Motivated (This can’t be taught or learned)


Proven work experience in Management in a service-oriented business or similar role.
Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and managing a service Team.
Experience budgeting and forecasting.
Familiarity with business and financial principles.
Excellent communication skills.
Leadership ability.
Outstanding organizational skills.

Why Consider a Career with Asurety?

Management team committed to your success
Casual and team-based work environment
Work with competent and capable people
Successful and growing company
Outstanding reputation in the community

About your Manager:

You will be working with the General Manager of the company, an experienced and knowledgeable individual. He will be responsible for your training and development. He is a “win-win” person who will work with you not as a manager but more like a coach.

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Proven experience as a Service Manager.
Experience in planning and budgeting.
Knowledge of business process and functions (finance, HR, procurement, operations etc.)
Strong analytical ability.
Excellent communication skills.
Outstanding organizational and leadership skills.
Problem-solving aptitude.
Associates or bachelor’s degree - Degree in Business, Operations Management, or related

Personal Attributes Needed for Success:

Accuracy and attention to detail must be a natural talent.
Results oriented and goal driven.
Able to multi-task and still maintain accuracy.
Proactive, “plan for” do not “react to”
Positive and confident personality.
Excellent follow up and follow through skills.
Strong work ethic and ability to work independently.


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