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We recognize performing your annual inspections can be a hassle at times. Our goal is to provide you peace of mind by working with Asurety.

By providing honest, transparent reporting, you can be assured of knowing the overall health of the dryer vents and fireplaces, which helps our clients mitigate unnecessary risks. We also assist our customers by scheduling renewal services a year in advance for your convenience as well. We will ensure your community remains compliant, while also maintaining the properties’ annual history. Whether your service is required for your annual CO inspections, insurance policy requirements, or preventative maintenance, we are your Solutions Experts.


Fireplace Cleanings & Inspections
FIREPLACE Cleanings & Inspections
Dryer Vent Cleanings & Inspections
Repairs & Replacement

Fireplace cleanings & inspections

Fireplace Being Inspected

Fireplaces must be inspected annually to ensure safety for all your residents. The main cause of chimney fires is due to the creosote build up on the chimney walls. National mandates require a Level 1 inspection for a chimney under continued use. We offer the following following inspection tiers.

Level 1

If your appliance or your venting system has not changed and you plan to use your system as you have in the past, then a Level 1 inspection is a minimum requirement. A Level 1 inspection is recommended for a chimney under continued service, under the same conditions, and with the continued use of the same appliance.

In a Level 1 inspection, your chimney service technician should examine the readily accessible** portions of the chimney exterior, interior and accessible* portions of the appliance and the chimney connection. Your technician will be looking for the basic soundness of the chimney structure and flue as well as the basic appliance installation and connections. The technician will also verify the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits (Source: CSIA)

Level 2

A Level 2 inspection is required when any changes are made to the system. Changes can include a change in the fuel type, changes to the shape of, or material in, the flue (i.e. relining), or the replacement or addition of an appliance of a dissimilar type, input rating or efficiency. Additionally, a Level 2 inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of a property or after an operation malfunction or external event that is likely to have caused damage to the chimney. Building fires, chimney fires, seismic events as well as weather events are all indicators that this level of inspection is warranted.

There are no specialty tools (i.e. demolition equipment) required to open doors, panels or coverings in performing a Level 2 inspection. A Level 2 inspection shall also include a visual inspection by video scanning or other means in order to examine the internal surfaces and joints of all flue liners incorporated within the chimney. No removal or destruction of permanently attached portions of the chimney or building structure or finish shall be required by a Level 2 inspection.

When a Level 1 or Level 2 inspection suggests a hidden hazard and the evaluation cannot be performed without special tools to access concealed areas of the chimney or flue, a Level 3 inspection is recommended. A Level 3 inspection addresses the proper construction and the condition of concealed portions of the chimney structure and the flue. Removal or destruction, as necessary, of permanently attached portions of the chimney or building structure will be required for the completion of a Level 3 inspection. A Level 2 inspection includes everything in a Level 1 inspection, plus the accessible* portions of the chimney exterior and interior including attics, crawl spaces and basements. It will address proper clearances from combustibles in accessible locations. (Source CSIA)

Level 3

A Level 3 inspection includes all the areas and items checked in a Level 1 and a Level 2 inspection, as well as the removal of certain components of the building or chimney where necessary.

Removal of components (i.e., chimney crown, interior chimney wall) shall be required only when necessary to gain access to areas that are the subject of the inspection. When serious hazards are suspected, a Level 3 inspection may well be required to determine the condition of the chimney system.

* Accessible: May require the use of commonly available tools to remove doors, panels or coverings, but will not damage the chimney or building structure or finish.

** Readily Accessible: Exposed, or capable of being exposed, for operation, inspection, maintenance or repair without the use of tools to open or remove doors, panels or coverings. (Source CSIA)

Speak with one of our experts to learn which is the right solution for your property.

Dryer vent cleanings & inspections

Dryer Vent Being Inspected

Inspecting and cleaning dryer vents yourself can be overwhelming. However, it has to be done to prevent deadly dryer fires. Our Dryer vent inspections include:

- Cleaning
- Inspections
- Comprehensive Reporting
- Property History

Based on the architecture of your property, our experts can customize a solution based on your needs. We will automatically schedule annual inspections so you don’t even have to think about it.

Repairs & replacements

Group of workers around a ladder

Dryer Vents
Repairing or replacing damaged dryer vents is crucial for preventing dangerous apartment fires. That’s why it’s a job best left to the experts at Asurety.

A dilapidated chimney is certainly an eyesore, not to mention dangerous to your residents and the general public. Chimney leaks are another major issue that should be addressed promptly.

Fireplaces should be kept in prime condition at all times to prevent disaster. A broken refractory panel, defective pilot light, or loose connectors can all spell trouble.

Our Goal: Your Peace of Mind

  •   Providing services nationwide
  •  Over 15 years of business experience
  •   Technicians are employed by the company (we do not rely on sub-contractors)
  •   Technicians clean to inspect
  •   Honest, transparent reporting with photos provided (you see what we see)
  •   If deficiencies are found, repairs can be completed upon request
  •   Volume rates offered
  •   We’re already approved with most compliance programs

Company Representative


Janine Hanley - Matrix Residential

My experience with Asurety has been great. Dawn and the team were incredibly responsive. They provided everything that we needed ahead of time so our decisions could be made easily and we can provide all the input that we need for our owners.

Janine Hanley - Matrix Residential
Tasha Kline - Greystar Management

“My experience with Asurety has been fantastic. Their team is so organized, they actually prepare folders for each of our properties to keep everything on track so that we don’t miss any of our inspections.

Their teams are so knowledgeable. They help educate on-site property managers and maintenance supervisors to alleviate the pressure and stress that comes along with ensuring you pass your inspection and meet the deadlines.”

Tasha Kline - Greystar Management
Jamie Lee - Integral Group

“We’ve had a very good experience with Asurety. Our business model, we have several different inspections every single year on each community and currently, Asurety is doing four of our communities, doing the dryer vent clean outs and things (which is critical) and we are finding that we are passing inspections. There are no deficiencies in that area so it’s nice to have a dependable person to take care of that kind of thing.

Our inspections — we have a lot of them every year — and it’s been fabulous because we have that confidence that Asurety has come in to clean our dryer vents and so it’s made it much easier. That’s just one less thing we have to think about so it’s like “check!” off our list.”

Jamie Lee - Integral Group
Abby Couick — Carter Haston Properties

“My experience with Asurety has been amazing. Incredible professionals, prompt responses, very timely. When their team comes on our properties, they properly identify themselves, which I think makes our residents feel very comfortable knowing who’s on the property. It’s been amazing. I highly recommend them to anybody.

We’ve passed the inspections on our fireplace every single time, so I would say they’ve definitely aided in that process for us.”

Abby Couick — Carter Haston Properties
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“We received an amazing level of service at Steelworks during our dryer vent inspection. We generally have a few complaints here and there when vendors enter apartment homes but with your guys, we had ZERO complaints.

A job well done! They were professional and courteous.”

Caesar Morillo - Steelworks Atlanta